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What is SVOY?

We’re a new format company, where the experience of our specialists is optimally combined to achieve the goals of our clients. We respond individually to the needs of each client who wants to buy, rent or invest in real estate to generate income.

Our main goal is that our clients recommend SVOY to their friends and relatives as a reliable partner and friend. We carefully select real estate, take into account personal needs and help in all stages of negotiations. In addition, our company takes care of the effective management of residential real estate.

Facts about SVOY

– we successfully close at least 75% of requests within 60 days
– 100% of incoming leads are qualified before being passed on to an agent

– every 5th customer closes another deal with us or recommends us to others
– every customer is assigned to a personal agent forever
– each agent receives at least 5 new high quality leads each month
– at least 30 deals are successfully closed each month
– SVOY has successfully closed over 300 deals in 2022

Whether you’re a broker in a company, starting your own business, or even running an entire real estate office, you’ll benefit by joining us and becoming a member of the SVOY team.

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