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Are you looking for profitable investments abroad?

Investing in real estate on Costa Del Sol is an easy way to generate decent passive income with minimal effort. It sounds like it’s impossible. However, now we will convince you otherwise 😉

Costa del Sol is perhaps the most popular tourist destination in Spain. Why?

Tourists’ interest in international travel has increased dramatically due to the pandemic. According to Airbnb forecasts, Costa Del Sol in Malaga province will become the most popular tourist destination in 2023, followed only by Sydney and Melbourne. Costa del Sol is a popular destination for tourists looking for sun, sea and crystal clear sand, cultural heritage and delicious cuisine.

This is a unique opportunity for investors to invest in housing in Spain and get a significant profit on it right now.

Investing in Costa del Sol property is a smart choice for several reasons. Let’s try to make sure of this:

First, the price policy. The cost of real estate in Spain increased by 8% in 2022. The latest figures show growth with an average value of €1,708 per m2 in 2022 compared to €1,573 per m2 in 2021. However, this is still well below the peak property prices in 2007.

Property on Costa del Sol is still a smart investment as it offers good value compared to the same property in other countries, such as UK.

Second, the real estate market on Costa del Sol has proven to be stable over the past ten years. Real estate there is constantly worth above average. This is an indicator that you, as an investor in the resort area, will be guaranteed to receive capital.

Thirdly, Costa del Sol is a tourist resort throughout the year. This is another reason to invest in real estate in the Spanish region.

Costa del Sol is more than 300 days of sunshine and warmth. The region has excellent transport links, a good healthcare system and a low crime rate. Safety, comfort and relaxation – this is how to briefly describe the resort area.

By investing in real estate on Costa del Sol, you will be sure that the issue of housing will always be relevant. Tourists settle here both for short-term vacations in the summer and long-term rentals for living in the winter.

Costa del Sol is not only notable for its climate – the region is also known for its rich cultural heritage with historical sites and museums.

Fourth, investing in Málaga is an opportunity to have a high profit.

Costa del Sol boasts an average rental yield of around 7.22%. This is significantly higher than other popular Spanish cities such as Barcelona (5.29%) or Madrid (4.96%).

Not every investor dreams of their own property on the coastline along the Mediterranean Sea in Spain.

And as it turns out, investing here is an easy way to generate significant passive income every year with minimal effort.

Remember, your competitors are already looking for the perfect location on Costa del Sol while you’re still hesitating. Be one step ahead – make the right choice and multiply your capital thanks to property on “Sunny Beach”.

See you in hot Spain!

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